St. Anthony Tri-Parish Catholic School is dedicated to achieving academic excellence in a faith filled community, living a life committed to Christian service.

St. Anthony Tri-Parish Catholic School (SAS) was established in 1927 to provide students with a Christ-centered outlook on life. We aim for academic excellence within an atmosphere of religious and moral training. Along with formal subjects, the school strives to develop a sense of God, a sense of responsibility, and respect for self and authority, consideration for others and self-discipline in each student. These virtues are not only taught formally during religion instruction but are incorporated into all school classes and activities.


We, the Wyoming Catholic School Community, in partnership with the Church will form the whole person through the Catholic culture of Christian discipleship, moral leadership, and academic excellence for life-long service in a changing global environment. We claim this vision as an act of faith.


What grades are offered at SAS? We have several options for preschool education, starting at three years of age, going through pre-K. Our elementary program offers programming for kindergarten through fifth grade. Middle school classes are offered for sixth through eighth grade students. If you have questions about our new high school program or any of our other programming, please call the office at 307-234-2873.

What is the average class size at SAS? Class sizes fluctuate based on grade level and enrollment. Preschool classes range from 6:1 to 18:1, depending on student age and specific program. Elementary classes range in ratio from 8:1 to 18:1, on average. Middle school classes range from 6:1 to 18:1, depending on the subject. These ratio numbers often change to best meet the needs of our students, teachers, and school. If you have specific questions about class size for your student’s grade level, please contact our office.

Is SAS exclusively for Catholic families? While SAS is a Catholic school, grounded and focused on teaching from a perspective based on our faith, we welcome families from all denominations. At any given time, our non-Catholic enrollment ranges from 20%-35% of the total student population.