November 2020 Online Learning Resources

Archangel Families….

Here are some links to some resources that you might want to keep handy during our November remote learning period.

These are our rules that we are expecting during an online meeting. Please make sure students are following all rules:

We understand that at some points, your device may not always do or complete the task. We compiled a list of common problems that you may encounter. Clicking on the box will take you to a page that will give you some more info about how to solve your problem:

Lastly, we have also created a Digital Parent Guide that has links and videos on how to complete certain tasks or about programs your child’s teacher may be using. There is one section dedicated to Microsoft Teams, the platform all teachers are using in some capacity.

One thing we have noticed is that with the ability to chat, students sometimes will send messages to classmates. As long as there is no suspicious activity, this feature will remain turned on. If it is becoming an issue during class Teams meetings, there is a way to turn notifications off. An ability to hide or mute chats is also a possibility in case of too much distraction. This video and infographic can help you turn these off.