With God’s guidance, we provide a developmentally appropriate child-centered preschool curriculum. Our teachers encourage progress on an individual level and get to know each child’s abilities, interests and personality. We indulge in many creative imaginative play environments that stimulate learning through experiences, providing important social opportunities that prepare each child for life. Our program encourages curiosity and a love of learning, through maintaining academic rigor while promoting inquiry and play.


We offer a part-time preschool starting at 3-years-old,  progressing through ages 4 and 5. A Pre-K class is an option for our older four-year-old students and young five-year-old students. We also offer a full-day preschool class for all ages. Children are more than ready to enter Kindergarten upon completion of our preschool program.

3’s Class: Tuesday & Thursday 8:00AM – 11:00AM ($148 per month)

4’s Class: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:00AM – 11:00AM ($188 per month)

Pre-K Class: Monday through Friday 12:15PM – 3:25PM ($256 per month)

Full-Day Class: Monday through Friday 7:45AM – 5:15PM ($671 per month)

    *$50 registration fee for all classes

For more information or to inquire about application or classroom space availability, please contact our office at 307-234-2873 or email