Student Life


Our teachers provide students with both an appreciation for the master artists and their work, as well as knowledge of techniques and experience in creation of art and music. Preschool through eighth grade programming includes instruction and opportunities for in-depth study of art and music.


Various clubs and activities afford students the opportunity to participation and involvement in service, leadership, and development of particular talents or interests.

At St. Anthony School, we offer our Archangels the opportunity to participate in the many activities outside of the regularly scheduled school day. Some examples of our extra programming includes, Altar Service, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Little Flowers, Spell-a-thon, Running Club, Taekwondo Club, and many more.


St. Anthony Tri-Parish Catholic School sports programs are an integral part of our whole-child approach to education. Athletic activities aim to teach individual responsibility, team-member mentality, selflessness, team-work, appreciation of others, and respect.

Athletic activities are a significant, valuable community effort, which foster loyalty, promote school spirit and student participation, and develop healthy competition and sportsmanship.

Our programs work to promote a Christian atmosphere where students grow in respect and concern for others, develop qualities of leadership and humility.

Coaches teach game fundamentals, focus on the importance of teamwork, and improve each individual’s skills, all while having fun.

We offer an number of athletics programs on-campus, and work with the local public school programs to provide opportunities for our students to participate in any programs offered locally, even if we are unable to field a school team at SAS. For example, our middle school students interested in playing football may choose the public middle school of their choice, and participate with that team for the duration of the football season.

SAS currently offers the following on-campus athletic programs:

BASKETBALL (4th – 8th Grades)
CROSS COUNTRY (6th – 8th Grades)
GOLF (6th – 8th Grades)
HOCKEY (*Age group(s) dictated by participant interest)
VOLLEYBALL (4th – 8th Grades)

*All local public school extracurricular team activities are available to SAS students. Please inquire about specific program(s).